4 Reasons Rolfing Is Beneficial To Your Health


Studies indicate that about 31 million people deal with lower back pain, 100 million people suffer from general chronic pain and 77 percent of people suffer from stress that leads to physical symptoms. Because the probability of dealing with various forms of stress and pain in your life is so high, you should look into natural treatments to help. One of the best treatments you can receive is a massage known as rolfing. This chiropractic treatment (from professionals such as The Healing Center) uses gravity for leverage during a deep tissue massage that eases tension in the body, allowing for a host of overall health benefits. To learn more about rolfing, read on and learn four key benefits of why this procedure will be beneficial to you.   

#1: This Is An Excellent Form Of Pain Relief

One of the greatest things about rolfing is that it works wonders for people who deal with chronic pain. As opposed to having to regularly take prescription pills to ease the pain, you may be able to do so in a more natural way. This is less internally damaging to the body than taking pills, so you owe it to yourself to look into these treatments. 

#2: It Effectively Treats Ailments Like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Constant physical stress on the body can cause a number of conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Rolfing digs deeply into your muscles and joints, allowing you to alleviate the tension and stress associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. In most cases, you will need to be prepared for ten different visits with the chiropractor before expecting substantial results from the treatments. 

#3: You Will Enjoy Better Posture, Flexibility And Coordination

Whether you engage in regular athletic activity or simply want to feel better in your every day life, you will experience increases in flexibility, posture and overall coordination by receiving these treatments. Your ligaments and tendons will be far more relaxed, which allows you to care for your body as a whole. This increase in flexibility helps you feel limber and loose as you engage in any physical activity. 

#4: You Will Receive A Sense Of Peace And Ease

Rolfing is good for your every day life as well, because it overall puts your body and mind at ease. This accounts for an immense release of stress, which lets you get through your busy life with a sense of presence and joy. These benefits pay huge dividends in your personal and professional life. 

Use these four tips in order to benefit your chiropractic health. 


29 April 2016

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