Many Chiropractors Are Authorized To Perform DOT Physicals


As a truck driver, you need a medical certificate verifying you don't have any health issues that could make commercial driving unsafe. You may not be aware that chiropractors can perform your U.S. Department of Transportation physical exam to keep your commercial driver's license in good standing. This may be a convenient option for you.

Who is Authorized to Perform These Exams?

Although many people assume only medical and osteopathic doctors can perform DOT physicals, other kinds of health practitioners are allowed to do so as well. Examples include chiropractors, physician assistants and advanced practice nurses. Naturopathic doctors can perform DOT exams in a small number of states. 

To be authorized to perform DOT physicals, a practitioner must be a certified medical examiner listed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's registry. 

Why See a Chiropractor for the Exam?

If you want to see a chiropractor for an adjustment, having the exam done at the same appointment is convenient. In addition, some individuals prefer to rely on alternative and complementary practitioners for their health care. 

Sometimes, seeing a chiropractor is simply more convenient because of location. If your medical certificate is about to expire while you're driving over the road, you can make an appointment with a certified medical examiner located nearby. DOT medical cards are national, so you don't need to have the exam done in your home state. 

Are There Disadvantages to Seeing a Chiropractor for This Purpose?

The only problem with having a chiropractor perform the exam is if you're diagnosed with a condition that requires prescription medication. For example, if the chiropractor finds that your blood pressure is high, you must verify normal blood pressure to the DOT within three months. Regulating your blood pressure may involve taking medicine, and nearly all states do not allow chiropractors to prescribe medication.

If you already have a current prescription for a condition such as high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes -- conditions that must be controlled in order for you to have a CDL -- you can still see a chiropractor for your physical. Bring your list of medications and the name of the doctor who prescribed them.

How Can You Find a Certified Medical Examiner?

The U.S. DOT website has an interactive list where you can enter your location and find a certified practitioner. You also can call a chiropractor or other health care provider and ask whether they are certified to do DOT physicals. As of early 2015, Michigan and Washington are the only states that don't allow chiropractors to perform these exams.

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30 March 2015

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