Your Pain Management: New Chiropractic Innovations To Help You


When it comes to pain management, many people rely on a combination of medical interventions such as prescription pain medication and alternative medicine such as chiropractic care. For many people, going to the chiropractor is their primary go-to when they begin to experience aches and pains, particularly back pain. And while standard chiropractic manual manipulations can work wonders for your aches and pains, chiropractors are always looking for new ways to help their patients feel better and manage their pain properly. Get to know some of these new innovations in chiropractic care before your next appointment. 

Preventive Chiropractic Care

While preventive medicine has always been important, current trends in healthcare have placed an even greater emphasis upon preventive care. This trend has spilled over into alternative medicine as well. 

Some chiropractors today are beginning to emphasize the importance of spinal care and maintenance before problems and pain develop. To accomplish this, chiropractors today use manual spinal exams, scans such as X-rays and computerized renderings of the alignment of the spine, and postural analysis to monitor and analyze spine health. 

In fact, some chiropractors have also even delved into the realm of weight management and nutritional counseling. Many chiropractors feel that spinal health is directly correlated to proper weight management, nutrition, and physical exercise. By performing scans and helping patients learn to manage their weight and nutrition, chiropractors can help to reduce the frequency of needed pain treatments and can instead focus on maintaining good health. 

Chiropractors can even go so far as to use computerized technology to create computer renderings of a person's posture and walking gate so that they can discuss means of improvement with patients. Changing your posture and the way you walk can have a profound effect upon your spinal health and pain prevention. 

Alternative Adjustment Techniques

Some people have an aversion to going to the chiropractor for a single, simple reason: they do not like or feel comfortable with the popping sounds that occur during manual spinal adjustments. 

However, some chiropractors have begun using alternative methods to help make the chiropractic experience more pleasant and tolerable for such patients. These chiropractors use a technique known as impulse adjustment that uses a chiropractic adjusting tool. The tool uses what looks like a tuning fork to locate misalignments and to use small pulses and thrusts to slide the bones back into place without the popping sound that frightens some patients away. 

As you can see, innovations in chiropractic care can help you to manage pain and even prevent pain. So, keep these new innovations in mind the next time you schedule an appointment with a chiropractor like Excellence In Health Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic


31 March 2015

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