Simple Ways To Alleviate Headache Pain Between Chiropractic Appointments


Visiting a chiropractor can often provide relief for your headache, but it can take several appointments before it completely leaves. Between the time you make an appointment and the moment you walk through the chiropractor's office door, you can still be miserable because of headache pain. You don't have to turn to medication to lessen your headache symptoms; a number of simple adjustments can lessen the discomfort until your sessions are complete or you get professional help.

Posture Problems

Take a moment to do a quick body scan and notice the position of your upper body. When you're seated at the computer, it's easy to find yourself leaning forward and putting your head, neck and shoulders in an unnatural position that can cause headaches. Correct your posture by pushing your buttocks toward the rear of your chair, pulling your shoulders back and maintaining a tall posture. If you need to make changes to your desk, computer monitor height or chair, now's the time to do so. It's also useful to get up every hour and take a short walk around the office or do a couple stretches in your cubicle.

Headache Triggers

Even though you're not a medical professional, some honest self-reflection can help you identify the triggers that cause your headache, which will allow you to make healthy lifestyle adjustments. For example, if you feel the symptoms coming on when you're stressed, make an effort to reduce your overall stress by exercising more, engaging in more enjoyable activities or even seeking help from a professional chiropractor for headaches. Drinking coffee and alcohol -- and the withdrawal from either drink-- can also lead to headaches, as can strong odors such as cigarette smoke or perfume. If you're constantly around people who smoke or wear heavy scents, make changes such as asking your manager to institute a scent-free policy or asking a friend not to smoke in your car.

Sleep, Lifestyle and Dehydration

It's relatively common to develop a headache when you lead a busy lifestyle. A consistent lack of sleep, excess visual stimuli and dehydration, which can occur when you consume too much coffee, can all lead to headache problems. Evaluate your lifestyle and think of how you might be able to change it for the better. For example, drinking more water, getting an extra hour of sleep each night or making a conscious effort to unplug from electronic distractions for an hour each evening can lead to reduced discomfort.


28 May 2015

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