Three Exercises To Help You Lessen Your Back Pain


When you have back pain, the simple act of picking up the phone to arrange a consultation with a chiropractor can be your first step on the road to recovery. Treatment from a chiropractor can get your back in proper alignment, keep it that way and, in the process, restore your quality of life. While fully eliminating your back pain might take a series of treatments, you can often put in a little work yourself to help the cause. A number of simple exercises can play a pivotal role in reducing back pain. Provided your chiropractor recommends that you engage in some mild forms of exercise, change into some workout attire and get moving.


Whether you favor finding a yoga class for beginners in your city or would rather read about some poses online and practice them in the privacy of home, several yoga poses can reduce back pain. Poses such as the cat pose, dolphin pose, sphinx pose and downward-facing dog pose are effective ways to release the stiff muscles in your back. When your back muscles are excessively stiff or tight, they can hold your spine in an unnatural curve position. Over time, this incorrect curve can lead to disc issues and subsequent pain.

Water Exercises

If you're the type of person who enjoys being in the pool, you can turn this setting from a relaxation venue to your personal gym. Water-based exercises are ideal for people with back pain because the water's buoyancy cushions each movement. Whereas up-tempo exercises such as jogging on solid ground can jar your back and worsen your pain, you won't experience this problem in the water.

Water exercises such as jogging in place, side lunges and knee lifts strengthen your muscles and promote circulation. When your circulation increases, your body pumps more blood, which aids in the healing process, given blood's nutrient- and oxygen-rich nature.


Don't let the simplicity of walking overshadow its fitness benefits. This low-impact exercise not only promotes better circulation, but it also strengthens muscles in your back and core to help hold your spine in a better position. The latter benefit is especially valuable when you pair this exercise with regular chiropractic adjustments.

When your core is stronger, for example, you'll have less of a tendency to slouch forward in an unhealthy posture. Walking is also ideal because it's versatile -- you don't need specific equipment for this exercise and it's often convenient to fit into a busy schedule. 

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6 August 2015

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