Questions And Answers About Whiplash Injuries


Neck injuries are an extremely common result from auto accidents. Whiplash is one of the more common neck injuries to result from this. While it is a fairly common injury, it can be extremely painful and disruptive for patients that have the unfortunate luck of developing this injury.

What Causes You To Suffer A Whiplash Injury?

Whiplash occurs as a result of the head being pushed forward and then back. This puts tremendous strain on the muscles in the neck. In addition to straining the muscles, this type of injury can also impact the discs in the neck. Sadly, those that have a history of neck injuries will be much more vulnerable to this type of injury.

Is It Normal For The Symptoms Of Whiplash To Be Delayed?

Individuals will frequently assume that the symptoms of whiplash can occur immediately. In reality, whiplash injuries often have delayed symptoms. Patients that have been in an accident may find that their whiplash symptoms may take several days before they start to show. Unfortunately, some people might fail to realize that pain in their neck several days after the accident is related to it, which can lead to delays in seeking treatment. Also, patients may fail to associate their symptoms with a neck injury. For example, severe headaches are often a symptom of whiplash that you may not immediately associate with your neck injury.

Is Rehabilitation Necessary For Recovering From Whiplash?

The process of recovering from a whiplash injury will often involve the need to undergo rehabilitation. This is done to help strengthen the muscles that were injured. While it is common for rehabilitation to be needed, it is not always necessary. Rather, the severity of the whiplash and the patient's history of neck injuries will play the biggest factor in determining whether rehabilitation is needed.

Will You Have Activity Restrictions During Your Recovery?

Recovering from whiplash can take several weeks or longer. During this time, you will need to closely follow any activity restrictions that their doctor has recommended. Failing to adhere to these restrictions can have serious consequences for your recovery. This could include greatly slowing the healing process while also exposing you to a much higher risk of suffering further injury. Prior to engaging in exercise or other activities, you should be evaluated and cleared by your doctor. Individuals will often get overly ambitious during their recovery because there can be long stretches of time where the neck may feel fine. However, the underlying injury may still be present.

Work with a doctor for more information about this and other car accident injury treatment.


13 August 2018

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