Alternative Treatments For Migraines


If you have ever suffered a migraine headache, then you are familiar with its extreme symptoms. They include a severe throbbing headache that usually affects one side of the head; however, it can affect both sides of the head. In addition to a severe headache, migraines can cause light sensitivity, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, chills, and seeing flashes of light.

Prescription migraine medications are effective in relieving pain, however, they can cause gastrointestinal problems, a cardiac arrhythmia, and blood pressure problems. It is for this reason that may people seek alternative treatments for their migraines, such as chiropractic care. Here are some ways a chiropractor can help you manage your migraines:

Nutritional Therapy

Many chiropractors incorporate nutrition in their treatment plans. Coupled with therapeutic massage, nutritional intervention can significantly reduce the number of migraine headaches you experience, as well as the severity of the migraines.

Your chiropractic physician may recommend that you consume more magnesium-rich foods such as nuts, dark chocolate, and avocados. Magnesium helps relax smooth muscle tissue, and it also helps reduce high blood pressure, which may be a risk factor in the development of migraine headaches.

The chiropractor may also recommend that you increase your intake of vitamin C, either through dietary measures or with over-the-counter supplements. Vitamin C helps promote healthy capillaries and may  boost immune function. A robust immune system may also help reduce your risk for migraines.

Spinal Adjustment

The chiropractor may suggest that you get a spinal adjustment or manipulation to help prevent severe migraine headaches. A spinal adjustment can help push aside inflamed structures so that they do not put pressures on muscles and nerves that are associated with the head and neck.

In addition to helping prevent painful migraines, a spinal adjustment can help improve your posture, relieve spinal pain, and help ease lower back pain. You may also enjoy more restorative sleep after a spinal adjustment. It is thought that those who do not sleep well may be more susceptible to migraine and tension headaches, as well as all types of back pain, neck discomfort, and shoulder pain. 

If you suffer from migraine headache symptoms, make an appointment with your chiropractic physician. He or she will recommended non-pharmaceutical treatment options that will help reduce the severity and frequency of your migraines. Chiropractic pain relief treatment is considered a safe alternative option for people of all ages, including children and the elderly. 


15 May 2019

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