Chiropractor Therapy For Triathletes: Proactive Recovery


Triathlon training is about as demanding on the body as any training you can undertake. One of the ways to not only survive but also thrive through your training cycles is by adopting proactive recovery strategies.

Here are some of the ways that a chiropractic clinic can help you stay healthier during your triathlon buildup.

Trigger Point Release

Junctions in your muscles can become less pliable and responsive during heavy training cycles. This degradation occurs because micro tears in your muscles tend to localize around these junctions and will create natural traps for scar tissue to build lesions.

Trigging a Release: a chiropractic clinic can pinpoint muscle junctions to break up any muscle lesions detached throughout your body. Not only will breaking up these muscles lesions make your muscle groups relax, but they'll also improve your muscle mobility. For instance, if you notice that your hip flexor is becoming painful and/or restricted, your chiropractor can target the muscle groups that connect to your hips. Although you might assume that the cause of your hip pain is localized in your hip flexor, the root cause might actually be from scar tissue buildup in a connecting muscle group. This is also true of larger connecting areas in your body. For instance, virtually every tendon in your lower leg connects in your feet. Over time, these connections in your feet can become tight, which can create a chain of tightness in your lower leg.

Adjustment and Realignment

Similar to scar tissue buildup, your body's joints can become misaligned, which can create significant restrictions in your mobility and lingering pain.

Making the puzzle pieces fit: your joints fit together like puzzle pieces. However, when scar tissue pulls on tendons, the joints may no longer lock into place. This is particularly true with your hips, ac joints, ankle, and feet joints. Your chiropractor is trained to identify and address misaligned joints. For instance, if your Achilles tendon becomes swollen after a hard training run, your chiropractor can likely relieve much of the swelling by realigning the joints in your ankle and/or feet to make sure the tendon is able to extend normally. If you maintain a training log, you should strongly consider noting any persistent pain you might be feeling. Sharing this information with your chiropractor regularly can help them deliver the best care to you and make sure that your specific injury concerns are addressed before they become serious issues.

For more information, contact a local chiropractic clinic.


28 December 2019

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