4 Chiropractic And Self Treatments That Might Help Your Back Pain


Back pain has many causes, so it's important to see a chiropractor to find out why your back hurts. You might have a problem with a muscle, nerve, disc, or bone in your back or spine. A chiropractor can run tests to find out the reason for your condition and then develop a treatment plan. You may also need to do things at home to help your back heal. Here are four things that might help your back pain depending on the cause.

1. Exercises That Stretch Or Strengthen Your Back

Poor posture can lead to back pain. Poor posture allows some muscles to get weak while others overdevelop. A chiropractor can teach you stretching and strengthening exercises that restore balance to the muscles in your back, improve your posture, and reduce pain.

You can learn exercises to do at home daily to make your muscles stronger, and you may also need to do stretches at home that make your back more flexible and less susceptible to injury.

2. Chiropractic Treatments That Help With Healing

Your chiropractor has different types of treatments that can help a variety of back issues. Some treatments are gentle and may be done on a therapeutic table. These involve putting your spine in a position that takes the pressure off of a nerve. When pressure is relieved, blood flow increases so the nerve can begin healing from the irritation.

Other chiropractic treatments might involve gentle manipulations of your spine or more aggressive spinal adjustments. Your chiropractor can customize your treatment for your condition and your ability to tolerate the procedure.

3. Massage And Heat Therapy

Improving circulation often helps with healing because blood carries oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues. Massage therapy increases circulation and it can also help break up scar tissues that contribute to pain. Heat might be delivered with an ultrasound device or other method, and you can even apply heat to your back at home by soaking in a hot tub or using a heating pad.

Be sure to follow your chiropractor's directions for any home treatments you take so they complement treatments you receive from your chiropractor and not make your back pain worse.

4. Walking And Light Exercise

Your chiropractor will advise you on the best way to stay active when you have back pain. Being active might help with pain when compared to being sedentary all day. Plus, when you're sedentary, your back muscles might get weaker.

Your chiropractor might advise you to walk, swim, or exercise in a therapy pool so you maintain your range of motion while enjoying the benefits, including an improved mood, that often comes along with exercise. You may need to avoid contact sports and running until your back has healed, and your chiropractor will advise you on when it's safe to resume all of your normal activities. 

Contact a chiropractor for more information regarding back pain.


6 October 2020

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