5 Types Of Injuries That Might Need Physical Rehabilitation


Physical rehabilitation is a crucial procedure that can help people recover from injuries. Therefore, it can help patients return to an active and healthy state within a short time. But when do you need physical rehabilitation? Here are five types of injuries treated through physical rehabilitation.

1. Sport Injuries

If you participate in any sport, you are at high risk of injuries such as stress fractures. Unfortunately, these injuries can affect your career. Thus, it is essential to go through physical rehabilitation to recover quickly and go back to what you love. However, the procedures differ depending on the severity of the injuries. If you have significant injuries, you will go through a detailed recovery program for a quick recovery.

2. Osteoporosis

Your bones can become weak due to various reasons, such as old age, bone loss, calcium deficiency, and medical issues such as hyperthyroidism. This will cause your bones to become brittle and break easily. As part of your treatment, doctors will use physical rehabilitation to treat the fractures and accelerate the recovery process.

3. Surgery Injuries

Physical rehabilitation treatment can also help you recover after surgeries. You can have swelling and pain symptoms after surgery that can make it hard to move your body quickly. Therefore, you may need physical rehabilitation treatments such as flexibility training to help you regain your strength fast.

4. Burns

Patients with extreme burns need a physical wellness treatment plan in collaboration with medical procedures to minimize potential disabilities and scars. If you have this medical condition, the rehabilitation will start from the day you recover from burns for better results. The physical rehabilitation might take months, if not years, depending on your age, the severity, and pre-morbid factors.

The treatment plan will focus on pain relief and restoring mobility. Therefore, you will go through numerous exercises and adopt different positions. The specialists will also keep you as comfortable as possible and reassure you that you will be safe, comfortable, and strong as part of psychological procedures.

5. Heart Problems

When you get a heart attack, your cardiologist might advise you to have a cardiac rehabilitation treatment as part of your recovery treatment. The specialists guide you through exercises that will help you restore the normal heart rate, blood pressure, and mobility. Cardiac rehabilitation can last longer than other types of physical rehabilitation procedures.

Physical rehabilitation has been used for years to treat different complications. If you experience any of these conditions, you should consider this treatment plan. Ensure you consult a physician for reliable physical rehabilitation. 


9 March 2021

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